Friday, December 13, 2019

What Makes a Good City Free Essays

What makes a good city ? There are far to many to enumerate but here are a few: A secure water supply and sanitation system. A solid economy. A transportation network on every level. We will write a custom essay sample on What Makes a Good City? or any similar topic only for you Order Now A strong tax base. Good to great schools. Better then Good police protection. Affordable housing, A built in arts and culture environment, Affordable medical, social services, sanitation and fire protection. A community spirit, a Love Thy Neighbor attitude. The ideal city Build housing, construct infrastructure like roads and plumbing, provide public services like electricity and garbage collection, coordinate commerce, provide recreational facilities such as parks, stadiums and museums, and facilitate transport. What makes a perfect city ? A good transport system, low traffic, lots of money, beaches and rivers, big CBD. High Helth and good education system plus near to oter big cities. Ideal City CORRECTION OF THE ESSAY : â€Å"Imagine the Ideal City† The city of my dreams is neither too big nor too small. (Jenna) It is clean, there aren’t any cigarette butts, chewing gums, papers or dog dirt on the floor.( Angà ©lique /Marjorie) It is Green, ecological (Stà ©phanie): there are less traffic and pollution because people use alternative means of transport (Gamzà ©/ Maria) and the cars run with solar energy. The houses are equipped with solar panels too to protect the Earth (Fanny/Stephanie) People recycle their wastes (Gamze ) The environment is respected (Jenna) the scenery is pleasant because the huge sky scrappers tower blocks have been replaced by detached houses. (Marjorie/Sabrina) The city is built with recycled materials to fight global warming (Fanny) In this ideal town People are happy safe, they can have walks in the streets gardens even at night. The pavements are large enough for parents with buggies and accessible for  disabled people (Vanessa). Car Parks are free (Maria). You can borrow free bikes or take a stylish cheap taxi. (Anthony) Drivers respect pedestrians and don’t insult other drivers. Everybody is civilised smiles (Angà ©lique/ Sabrina) You can go shopping in low cost stores (Angà ©lique). There are many activities services for everyone: for children and elderly people . Drama groups and artists perform in the street and a music festival regularly takes place for everyone’s Greatest pleasure. (Fanny) Criminals delinquents are supervised by cameras. In case of a problem the police or the firemen are there immediately (Vanessa) No Poverty in this ideal town.There aren’t any homeless beggars. Charities accommodate them in decent buildings. Students no longer sleep in cars or squats. (Marjorie /Mrs Lombrana) The rents are not excessively high, everybody can afford buying a home. How to cite What Makes a Good City?, Papers

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